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Mobile Doctor Box V2
Price: ??? INR
Warranty: 3 months
Out of stock
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Mobile Doctor Box V2 is very professional phone software repair equipment.It will support all the Chinese mobile phone, Allows you to become China mobile phone software repair experts!

The doctor that really cures!

Faster USB detection
Smart Writing Method
MTK, SPD, MSTAR, CoolSand &
Infineon - the most wanted.
All chips of Indian market are supported.


  • Very Easy-to-Use interface.
  • World's first,USB detection is much faster and accurate.
  • Full support for MTK Spreadtrum and other Top Ten chips to decrypt, read and write.
  • World's first, USB detection is much faster and more accurate!
  • World's first, Very quick and smart write flash method, For the MTK's!
  • World's first, Full support for MTK's (MT6513\MT6516\MT6573\MT6575, Etc.) Android system, read\ write flash, Etc!
  • Completely break Coolsand Mobile phone system,Full support for Coolsand read\ write flash and format, Etc!

Product Features:

  • Self-Developed Software Platform;
  • 26 Routes to support any definition,Can scan all chips, which can be used when inserted;
  • Built-in USB detection is much faster and accurate;
  • Master platform is simple to operate,Power is Automatically converted to positive and negative,easy to use;
  • Comprehensive protection for your equipment and for safer mobile phones.

Mobile Doctor box Description:

  • Mobile Doctor box is a powerful easy to use instrument.
  • Mobile Doctor box - allows you to become China's mobile phone software repair experts!
  • Mobile Doctor box platform software will be constantly updated. Software updates through the platform, Mobile Doctor box will support all the latest China mobile phones.

Made in China - China mobile's main chip (CPU) are:

MTK (Mediatek-CPU), (CoolSand), SPD (Spreadtrum-CPU), INF (Infineon-CPU), OM (Philips-CPU), SKY (Skyworks-CPU), TI (Texas Instruments-CPU), ADI (Analogy Devices-CPU), SI (Si4904-CPU), AnyKa (AnyKa-CPU), AGE (Agere-CPU), Mstar (Mstar-CPU) and the CDMA etc.

Out of stock
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