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IMEI Changing, Editing or repairing is illegal!!
Any product sold on this website does not repair, change or edit imei of any handset.
Any product sold on this website is not capable of changing or editing or repairing imei of any handset.

We are not responsible if you use any product from our website with any third party software for any illegal operation.
Our products are just interfaces between mobile phones and computers. We do not sell any software.
If you want to repair IMEI of any handset, then please contact authorized service centers.

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Universal F-Bus Cables - Plus
Universal F-Bus Cables - Plus
Universal F-Bus Cables - Plus is a powerful UFC, You can use to instead of flash cables. Support JAF, UFS, UB, ATF, Cyclone, MT-Box, MX-Box, NS Pro, UST Pro etc; Support Nokia Flash, Unlock, UI Factory, Upgrade, IMEI / PM Backup and enter Test / Local Mode etc;

* Intelligent Box Identification
* Intelligent Definition Detection
* Intelligent Resistance Set
* Intelligent Overcurrent Protection
* Intelligent Connection Status Detection
* Intelligent Voltage / Curre
Weight: 0.58 kg
Available in stock | Price: 3000 INR

Miracle Key
Miracle Key
Miracle key Support New updates Work with Miracle Box and Miracle Eagle Eye, So if you want to use New Updates you need to buy Miracle Key.

V2.06 supported miracle key.
Available in stock | Price: 2000 INR

Z3X Samsung PRO Activation
Z3X Samsung PRO Activation
PRO Z3X Samsung Activation
Available in stock | Price: 4000 INR

Volcano Box Pack1 aka Merapi Pack
Volcano Box Pack1 aka Merapi Pack
Volcano Box Pack1 also known as Merapi Pack is a one-time activation which significantly expands functionality of your Volcano Box.

Volcano team will give updates to Non Pack1 Users too, but all exclusive updates will be implemented in Pack1.
Available in stock | Price: 2800 INR

R-SIM 9 GOLD (GOLD version)
At present in the market, It’s the most stable unlock card that iPhone 5 c / 5 s can be general in 7.1 7. X with IC solution, R - SIM brand and Sales Volume determine the market orientation, R - SIM set multiple technical strength,The first team crack iPhone 4s unlock, the first team crack 4 s / 5/5 c / 5 s general unlock, the first team crack i5 Sprint unlock, and the first team successfully crack iOS7.1 system unlock. R - SIM9 GOLD Born to iOS: 7.1-7 X system, it
Out of stock

Volcano Box Red with Pack 1
Volcano Box Red with Pack 1
Volcano Box Red with Pack 1 - new MTK, SPD, MSTAR and Infineon-based mobile unlocking software designed for Chinese phones flashing, repair and servicing.
Weight: 0.600 kg
Available in stock | Price: 7500 INR

* Keep your device fully charged
* 6 ports
* Led light display
* Power master swicth
* Safe and reliable
* Length 1.5 m
* Automatically adjust to all voltages and frequencies
* Support the Iphone/Ipod/mobile phone/tablet pc/MP3/MP4,USB
* Input: 110-250V
* Output: 5V
Weight: 0.200 kg
Available in stock | Price: 600 INR

T15 Speaker With Bluetooth
T15 Speaker With Bluetooth
Enjoy dual built-in color dazzle lamp, hearing and visual
Out of stock

ATF 5-in-1 EMMC Cable
ATF 5-in-1 EMMC Cable
This cable for ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher) has 5 different functions for working via JTAG using ATF Software.
Weight: 0.100 kg
Available in stock | Price: 800 INR

Infinity Box Dongle
Infinity Box Dongle
Infinity-Box Dongle

Infinity-Box Dongle contains the following software, hardware and support:
Software for GSM and CDMA models, see list of supported models
World-famous "Chinese Miracle" software for MTK / MediaTek, etc.
World-famous "Chinese Miracle-2" software for MTK / MediaTek, SPD / Spreadtrum, RDA / Coolsand, etc.
Protection Smart-Card
USB Smart-Card reader
Support area access (software, flash files, drivers, manuals, updates, bug-fixes, etc.)
Smart-Card upgrade server access
Weight: 0.025 kg
Available in stock | Price: 4200 INR

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